Sunday, February 9, 2014

Country Winter

Winter’s cold and quiet days—

muted, grey, quick to darken—

hold life in reserve for Spring.

Blue Boundary  [Flickr page]

Snow hides the undergrowth,

mostly dead now, just seeds and buds,

coiled springs of dormant genomes, waiting.

Clouds and Contrasts  [Flickr page]

Evergreens keep on working, a little,

old needles grasping at furtive light,

biding time until warmth and sun arrives.

Unplowed Driveway  [Flickr page]

With it will come the smell of duff and pine,

growth rings fattening under straining bark,

fresh new green bursting from ends of branches.

Looming Trees on a Country Road  [Flickr page]

The world still spins and circles,

Spring will come, sap will run,

the ancient turnings will continue.

Red Sky at Night, Photographer’s Delight  [Flickr page]
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