Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sailing in a Sea of Humanity

Written at San Francisco International Airport
May 20, 2012
A sea of humanity in San Francisco [Flickr page]

A sea of humanity

washing past me in wave after wave

of endless variety:

ages, colors, styles of dress,

silently borne collections

of thoughts, loves, and creeds.

For once, at last,

they do not break

on the rocks of my judgments.

My mind does not thunder

with the force of their numbers

against my incompatible notions

of what they should be.

No spray of protests flies upwards

from the question once asked continually,

“Why not them, rather than just me?”

Sailing, now, in a sea of humanity

where the waves just move on,

untroubled by the presence

of a mind set free.

First posted on Facebook May 20, 2012